Mass Readings: Amos 5:14-15,21-24/ Matthew 8:28-34

Skip High Drama

A retreat director told this story: As a young woman she and her boyfriend went to a party at an exclusive home. During the evening, she stumbled onto her boyfriend kissing another woman. Furious, she picked up a vase to throw, only to realize it was too expensive to break. She quickly scanned the room to find something else, only to discover there was nothing she could safely heave at the offending boyfriend. In those moments, she realized the futility and ineffectiveness of high drama.

We don’t have to be caught up in our emotions. In some ways, I’m most in awe of Jesus when I see Him as He is in today’s Gospel reading — calmly casting out demons. Not getting caught up in the high drama of the scene.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to model Your calmness.