Mass Readings: James 4:1-10/Mark 9:30-37

Childlike Humility

There’s the old joke that goes “Sincerity is the key to happiness. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made!” Humility has that same elusive quality. Trying to be humble is like trying to focus on your health: the goal gets further away as you pursue it. The health zealot becomes a hypochondriac and the person who sets out to be the Number 1 Champion at humility ends up thinking, “Wow! I am so much humbler that those prideful losers over there.”

Children don’t think about humility. They don’t think about themselves. They’re thinking about how amazing that huge mountain is, how wonderful that movie was, how awesome their football hero is. Mary’s childlike heart was humble, exactly because her soul magnified the Lord, not her own humility.

Prayer: Jesus, give me a heart of wonder at Your love, like the heart of Mary.