Mass Readings: James 3:13-18/Mark 9:14-29

Having Faith

Jesus often tells us to have faith. Conversely, He often rebukes His disciples for being “faithless.” Yet oddly, He doesn’t rebuke the father of the demoniac when he frankly acknowledges his wimpy faith. Nor does Jesus spell out exactly what we are to believe and have faith in. Are we supposed to grit our teeth and believe that Grandpa’s cancer will vanish? Does the failure of the miracle to materialize mean we don’t have “enough” faith? No. Jesus elsewhere says you just need faith the size of a mustard seed. So what gives?

Jesus is directing our faith, not to the outcome of the prayer, but to the one to whom we pray: namely, Himself. It is to Him, not to the Power of Positive Thinking, that Jesus calls us to look in faith.

Prayer: Jesus, help me to trust in You, whatever answers to prayer You may give.