Mass Readings: 1 Peter 5:1-4/Matthew 16:13-19

Grace in Weakness

It’s sort of strange that, having just read Mark’s account of Peter’s confession two days, we now get the same story again from Matthew’s perspective. After all, there are lots of Peter stories to choose from. So why this one again? I suspect it’s because today we are remembering not Peter himself so much as his Chair — his office.

Peter’s sins and failures were all his own. But the Chair he received was built by the Carpenter of Nazareth and it was built to last. Peter himself demonstrates all the weaknesses of mortal man. But with the grace Jesus supplies him and all who sit in his Chair afterward, the job of shepherding the great herd of cats that is the Church is possible. If God can help him, there’s hope for dopes like me.

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for the gifts of grace You gave to Peter — and to me.