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The Catholic Church is more than just the local parish. It is spread across continents. Find information about the Catholic Church within a particular geography, information about pilgrimages, shrines, the Vatican and more.


Besieged! Why save the Middle East’s Christians?

Catholics of 2014: Sister Maria Hanna

Catholics of 2014: Sister Maria Hanna The Iraqi sister has been instrumental in serving the people of Iraq during this ...

Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine are ‘powder keg’

Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine are ‘powder keg’ Conflicts in region taking toll on human lives as Christians continue to advocate for ...

Pilgrimage to land of promise and turmoil How Pope Benedict XVI's Holy Land visit will impact his relations with region's ...

Christians see demise of one our oldest churches Editor of One magazine says that Catholics should care about their displaced brothers ...

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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