Mass Readings: Nahum 2:1,3; 3:1-3,6-7/Matthew 16:24-28

A Singing Traveler

I was in high school when a French woman known as “The Singing Nun” came out with a beautiful song called “Dominique.” It is, of course, about St. Dominic, whose feast we observe today. A few lines from the song are translated as: “Dominic went about simply, a poor singing traveler. On every road, in every place, he talks only of the Good Lord, he talks only of the Good Lord.”

I always thought the most amazing gift one could possess would be the ability to both write such a lovely song and then be able to also sing it professionally. To be able to inspire so sweetly as the Singing Nun did could only be a gift from God, with humble Dominic simply smiling nearby.

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for the wondrous ways You move hearts to love.