Mass Readings: Acts 3:11–26/Luke 24:35–48

Snack with Jesus

In today’s Gospel the Risen Christ presents himself to His Apostles. He appears just as the two disciples who had accompanied Him to Emmaus are telling their story to the Apostles back in Jerusalem. The Apostles “thought that they were seeing a ghost” (Lk 24:37). Then Jesus has them touch Him and says that “a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you can see I have” (Lk 24:39).

Still incredulous, the Apostles need more proof Jesus is not a ghost. So Jesus asks for some food and is given broiled fish, which He proceeds to eat in front of them. Neither ghosts nor angels eat. Jesus, though killed on the Cross, is now alive in the flesh—He’s neither an angel nor a ghost, but a fully human person.

Prayer: Risen Christ, may I one day banquet with You in Your celestial home. Alleluia!