spring This year Easter falls on the same day for both the Latin Church and Eastern Churches. This worldwide sharing of such a major feast seems to add to its already great joyfulness and importance. Lent and the Triduum help us prepare for Easter, but really the entire Church year builds up to Easter. It is the greatest of all Sundays. As you continue on your Lenten journey and prepare to enter deeply into Christ's Paschal Mystery during the Triduum also look to this month's TCK to make Easter come alive and stay alive all during the Easter Season in your parishes, homes, and classrooms.

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April at a Glance (PDF)
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Grades K-5

Activity: 'Son Flower' Cards

Children will be excited to spread the joy of Easter with these easy-to-make 'Son Flower' cards. Planting the front of the card in the ground will yield a visible reminder of the risen Christ all through the Easter season.

'Son Flower' Cards (PDF)

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Have some cross-curricular fun dyeing Easter eggs with natural dyes like onion skins and red cabbage. You might be surprised by a few outcomes! Extend learning even further by doing some "egg-speriments" (more info here) and talk about Christian symbolism of eggs for Easter.

“Easter eggs symbolize not only spring’s rebirth, but also Christ’s Resurrection.
Like his tomb, the egg is the hard, cold casket from which new life finally and triumphantly breaks forth.
The Roman proverb Omne vivum ex ovo (All life comes from an egg) took on new religious significance.”

The Catholic Source Book (OSV)

Easter Eggs (PDF)

Lifelong Catechesis Corner

What dying and rising am I experiencing in my own life? How does it relate to Jesus' Paschal Mystery?
Activities online at the Lifelong Catechesis page.

Catholic Stewardship for Kids

Use the saying "April showers bring May flowers" to jumpstart a discussion about wet weather and the need for an umbrella/rain gear drive for the homeless in your area. In drier climates umbrellas can provide shade from the sun.

Saint for April

April 23 – St. George (PDF)

Catechist Know-How

What Will We take into the Easter Season?
by Mary Lou Rosien

Most of April will still be in the Season of Lent, but gloriously the last week and a half of the month will begin the Easter Season in the Church. This begs the question; What are we taking from Lent into Easter?

Research has proven that it takes around 40 days to break a bad habit or instill a good one. We have had that amount of time to work on ourselves this Lent. So, what have we learned? Have we given up something during the Lenten season that kept us from being as holy as we would like to be? Can we continue this sacrifice and leave this habit behind for good?

Our family has made an effort during Lent to watch movies about faith and/or faith journeys. Maybe making the effort to watch movies like this (on a more regular basis during the entire year) will help us to keep heaven in our sights and encourage us on our journey. Let's face it, the culture is filled with negative images, horrible messages, and no vision of self-sacrifice or holiness. We should be working to fill our minds and hearts with things of God. Saint stories, holy images, meditations on the Gospels and positive messages will help us to be counter-culture in a truly Catholic way.

We have spent about 6 weeks strengthening our spiritual muscles by praying more, disciplining ourselves spiritually and/or physically, and giving freely to charity. This should help us incorporate these ideals into our daily lives instead of being a once a year discipline.

Can we drop five more dollars into the collection plate? Clean out of clothes closets once a month and give to those less fortunate? Continue a practice of only buying something new if we give something we already own to someone who needs it?

Perhaps you have been reading some good Catholic books during Lent. Did you finish all of them? Making a list of great Catholic books (and working through them through the coming year) is another great way to carry our Lenten practices into the Easter season and the whole year.

So this year, we can reframe our thinking from Easter signifying the end of our Lenten disciplines to the beginning of a closer walk with Jesus. We are people of the resurrection who can edify the Body of Christ (The Church), and ourselves by continuing some of the practices we began during Lent. God Bless.

Dear God,
Today we celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead.
We pray that we will see the Risen Jesus in our lives,
And that others will see Jesus in our actions.

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