Mass Readings: Isaiah 55:10-11/Matthew 6:7-15

Dirt, Mud, and Seattle

My family — parents, siblings and I — moved from Omaha to Seattle 50 years ago this June. Dad had gotten a better job and so we boarded a plane to a land of . . . rain. And to a land where, for the most part, the snow fell only in the mountains. (Mountains! I saw my first one that day.)

Today’s first reading talks of rain and snow, and how each waters the earth and makes the ground fertile and fruitful before that moisture returns to the heavens. God’s grace is meant to do that for me. I’m the ground but . . . unlike dirt I have a choice. I can accept those graces, talents, and blessings and use them to help others. Or I can just soak them up and do nothing. A life of mud.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I want my life to be fertile ground that helps others.