Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us Get to know your Guardian Angel - October 2014

Three states of Church

Three states of Church

The Place for Baptism

The Place for Baptism

Catechism and Scripture References

Spending big on Fido and Fluffy Doggone it, Americans are spending more and more money on man’s best friend.

Purification of the soul

Purification of the soul Details of what occurs on Judgment Day are not revealed in the Bible, so we can only ...

New Catechism tools enrich Year of Faith

New Catechism tools enrich Year of Faith As the Catechism commemorates its 20th anniversary, there are more ways than ever to ...

Matter and Form What makes a sacrament valid?

Getting a head start to the Year of Faith Pope Benedict XVI has given us the opportunity to grow in our knowledge and ...

Diving into the Catechism during upcoming Year of Faith The Year of Faith is an opportunity to dig into the sources of the Catholic faith and ...


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