Mercy and marriage

Mercy and marriage The media got it wrong regarding Pope Francis presiding over weddings of cohabitating ...

Correcting cohabiters

Correcting cohabiters In marriage preparation, priests make couples understand sins of living together, ...

TCA Life for November/December 2012

TCA Life for November/December 2012

Buying into the scripts of premarital sex, cohabitation

Buying into the scripts of premarital sex, cohabitation Book exposes the lies we tell our young adults and ourselves about premarital sex and ...

Cohabitation’s curse

Cohabitation’s curse As Catholics, we should not tolerate the sin of couples living together outside of ...

U.S. bishops want to remind society why 'I do' matters Despite claims that it is ‘obsolete,’ they argue that a nuptial union between man, ...

Editorial: How Catholic teaching can prevent the marital decline The strongest defense of marriage is the example of strong marriages.

What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Catholic Marriage What the Church teaches — and doesn’t — about marriage, divorce and annulments

Wedding Daze With divorce and cohabitation increasing and the number of Catholic marriages dropping ...


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