Illustrations Enliven Our Preaching

Illustrations Enliven Our Preaching Making the Gospel more lucid and understandable

Preaching the mystery of Faith

Preaching the mystery of Faith Drawing people to church

Good News vs. Bad News

Good News vs. Bad News Dealing with both

Ministry to Children Priests must see each child as part of the parish family

Preaching in 3-D

Preaching in 3-D Emphasize that Truth is a person, Jesus Christ

Preaching On Sundays

Preaching On Sundays Time to do something about the quality

We Preach Christ Crucified

We Preach Christ Crucified Salient points from a Notre Dame preaching conference.

Our Christian Identity

Our Christian Identity Homily Background for First Sunday of Lent - Year C.

Do Not Be Afraid

Do Not Be Afraid Homily Background for Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C.

Humble Service

Humble Service Homily Background for Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C.


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