Knowing you are not along in navigating the choppy waters of contemporary life is important, especially now during this economic crisis. The Internet, used wisely, is one means of binding people together and finding those who can direct you to helpful resources. Building upon last year's inaugural guide, here is an updated listing that includes relevant topics for these times, such as economic and financial resources, volunteer opportunities and social-networking sites. Also, in this Year for Priests, we provide resources for the jubilee year and vocation links.

Economy and finances

USCCB's Catholic Teaching on Economic Life

The U.S. bishops' website details the Church's teachings on economic life and provides information about the pope's new encyclical, "Charity in Truth." Includes a listing of the 10 important economic principles and a quiz on economic justice.

Veritas -- Financial Ministries

Financial advice is offered from a Catholic perspective. Features information about the workbook "7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free" and the 7 Steps Workshop.


Catholic Network of Volunteer Service

Lists more than 200 domestic and international volunteer and lay mission opportunities. Search by location or various placement preferences.

Catholic Charities

This network of social service organizations lists various volunteer and charitable giving opportunities.

Catholic Relief Services

This official humanitarian agency of the U.S. Catholic community lists relief organizations and ways to get involved internationally.


The Mary Page

The home page of the Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton has a prayer corner, links to Marian information and an online gallery of images of the Blessed Mother.

Mary Links

A collection of links about the Virgin Mary organized in categories such as apparitions, artwork, books, prayers and devotions and shrines.



Office of Readings (British website, so texts and feast days may differ slightly from U.S. texts).


Site provides a daily listing of Liturgy of the Hours.

New Media


Catholic social-networking site allows Catholics to keep in touch with online friends, offers daily lessons and information on the saints, and reviews posted articles, videos and events to ensure they are "worthy of praise."


Site offers a "phorum," where Catholics can sound off on issues, and the "defense directory," which offers links and downloads on the Bible, the sacraments and Sacred Tradition, among other topics.

Star Quesxt Production Network

Site features Catholic podcasts and videocasts on a wide range of topics from SQPN founder Father Roderick Vonhögen, iPadre (otherwise known as Father Jay Finelli) and Lisa Hendey of, among others.

Right to Life

Americans United For Life

News and resources on issues relating to the sanctity of all human life, from abortion to rights of conscience to end of life.

Human Life International

International group works with people of all faiths and cultures throughout the globe to spread the pro-life message.


Features commentaries that aim to reframe ethical and policy debates from the vantage point of human dignity.

Priests for Life

Movement of priests that seeks to promote "clear, vigorous and compassionate pro-life teaching" within the Catholic Church.


International Catholic Stewardship Council

Designed to promote Christian stewardship as a way of life, this site offers information on conferences and provides an extensive list of stewardship publications, professional firms and Catholic associations.

U.S. bishop's conference

"Stewardship is not simply making donations or taking care of the building and grounds. It is a spirituality -- hence a way of life -- made of four parts: receiving the gifts of God with gratitude, cultivating them responsibly, sharing them lovingly in justice with others, and standing before the Lord in a spirit of accountability."

Links to U.S. bishops' documents on stewardship, including the 2003 statement on stewardship and young adults, from which the quote above is taken.

Year For Priests

Vatican Year for Priests Web page

Vatican's Web page for the jubilee year provides links to audiences and meetings where Pope Benedict XVI has discussed the priesthood, along with links to Vatican documents on the priesthood.

OSV's Year for Priests Web page

Our Sunday Visitor's Web page lets visitors take a survey regarding the priesthood, solve an interactive crossword puzzle and view a multimedia presentation on influential priests, along with providing links to articles and Church documents on the priesthood.

USCCB Year for Priest Web page

Official jubilee page of the U.S. bishops offers information on events, prayers for priests and papal announcements.


Bused Halo

An online magazine that provides news, featured articles, radio and videos aimed at spiritual seekers in their 20s and 30s.

EWTN Global Catholic Network

EWTN, one of the largest religious media networks in the world, transmits programming 24 hours a day to homes in 144 countries. Site is home to the Eternal Word Television Network with TV, radio and library resources.

H20 News

Daily multimedia news is distributed in nine languages about the life of the Church and social or cultural events that directly pertain to Catholics living throughout the world. On-demand interviews, archives and documentaries available to provide up-to-date information.

Our Sunday Visitor

Home of Our Sunday Visitor, with news, information and archives.

Inside Catholic

A Catholic site devoted to faithful yet healthy debate and commentary on issues mainly in the public square.

Whispers in the Loggia

Widely read by churchmen and "professional Catholics," a young layman serves up some of the web's best predictions of bishop appointments and other Church-insider fare.

Official Sites

The Holy See

This is the first stop for all major official Church documents, papal writings, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, art and even "secret" archives. The search engine is a bit cumbersome, and not all documents are available in English, but vast resources and services are featured.

Pope 2 You

Staying connected with the pope just got easier! The Vatican has compiled multimedia applications to Facebook, YouTube, iPhone and WikiCath, so you can receive up-to-date information about the pope, and even messages from Pope Benedict XVI.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

The official site of the U.S. Catholic bishops includes an online Bible, the Catechism, publications, movie reviews and more.


Mass Times

Lists Mass times for parishes throughout the world.

Real Presence Eucharistic and Adoration Association

Information on the source and summit of the Catholic faith, including links to adoration chapels with webcams so computer users can take a moment or two to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

Sacred Space

Irish Jesuits provide commentaries on daily readings, daily prayers and online chapels where visitors can remember loved ones or post public prayers.

Apostleship of Prayer

Join tens of millions of other Catholics committed to praying a daily offering for the salvation of all people, for the monthly intentions of the Holy Father and for the intentions of all Apostles of Prayer.

Rosary Army

Make them. Pray them. Give them away.

General Catholic

American Catholic

The St. Anthony Messenger homepage provides one-minute meditations, reflections on the saint of the day and links to the latest Catholic news.

Web apostolate directed by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement aims to equip Catholics with information on their faith.

Catholic Online

News and information on a wide range of topics of interest to Catholics, including saints, vocations, prayers.

New Advent

Homepage provides links to stories from blogs and websites of interest to Catholics, while its Catholic Encyclopedia includes online text of the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia. Visitors will also find information on the Church Fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica.


Disciples Now

This site for Catholic teens on the Web features music, weekly Scripture reflections and a search tool for finding local parish youth groups.

Family Life Center International

Articles and resources are provided on parenting -- from the terrible twos on up to the teenage years. Includes information for Catholic married couples, as well as Catholic singles, working to build or strengthen their Catholic family.

Faith, family and fun from a Catholic perspective are all discussed here in the form of podcasts and articles from various columnists and contributors.

Faith and Family

Magazine and daily blog features articles on home life, a community forum and resources for living a faith-filled family life.


Catechetical Resources

Catechetical materials for Catholics from preschool to adult.

Call to Discipleship

An e-resource for adolescent catechesis offers a calendar and Bible search.

Catholic Educator's Resource Center

Online library on issues of importance to the Catholic faith.

Harcourt Religion

Homepage of Harcourt Religion, now a part of Our Sunday Visitor, offers links to its many catechetical resources.


Site offers what it calls "favorite resources for Catholic homeschoolers and others who 'love to learn.'"

Teaching Catholic Kids

Updated every month, this site includes activities for youngsters from kindergarten up to teens, along with tips for catechists and ideas from the field.


USCCB Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations

Find local vocation directors, prayers for vocations, vocations links and view the "Fishers of Men" program on the U.S. bishops' website.

Religious Vocation Network

Site allows you to navigate volunteer opportunities or search for vocations by first quizzing your preferences with the "Vocation Match" tool.

Behind the Collar

Want to know what it's like to be a priest? The Diocese of Richmond, Va., provides the answer to that and other questions. Includes videos and podcasts with seminarians.

Catholics On Call

Assists young adults in reflecting on God's call in their lives. Reaches out to men and women who may be considering the possibility of a life of service in the Church as a lay minister or Religious.

Cloistered & Monastic Communities

Developed to bring attention to cloistered and monastic communities, this site is for anyone discerning the call. "A day within the walls..." offers insights into cloistered communities and "testimonies" reveal stories about how some Religious chose to answer their call.

Institute on Religious Life

Multiple resources and a vocation search for anyone interested in or considering entering the religious life.

Love & Marriage

Ave Maria Singles

Catholic matchmaking site claims it has led to more than 1,700 marriages or engagements, and offers singles retreats and pilgrimages.

Catholic Match

Touting itself as the largest website for Catholic singles, this site claims to offer more than just matchmaking, but rather provides an online community for singles.

For Your Marriage

This initiative of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops includes tips, quizzes, a blog, resources and advice on how couples can prepare and care for marriages.


St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Includes research and study tools -- from books and publications to multimedia and online programming.

Bible Gateway

Allows you to search various versions and translations of the Bible.


Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers, one of the largest lay apologetics sites, offers news, links and information.

Beginning Catholic

Run by a catechist who joined the Church in 1999, this site answers questions about the faith and gives primers on Catholic morality and the sacraments.

Catholics Come Home

Answers questions about the faith for former Catholics and those who are interested in the Church.

Catholic Q & A

Questions and answers about multiple aspects of the faith.

Catholic Sexuality

Couple to Couple League

This Natural Family Planning site includes information about NFP seminars, home study courses and other general resources for married couples seeking to learn more about the Church's teachings on sexuality.

Pure Love Club

Designed for youth and young adults, this site explains the virtue of chastity and abstinence until marriage. Provides answers to frequently asked questions and links to other resources.

Theology of the Body Institute

This site seeks to promote Pope John Paul II's theology of the body to a Christian and secular audience, and lists upcoming seminars and courses with popular speakers.

Top Catholic sites

Most visited Catholic sites, excluding universities, according to, with their overall ranking.

1) 12,515

2) 17,882

3) 21,702

4) 25,760

5) 25,931

6) 30,992

7) 33,707

8) 36,778

9) 43,698

10) 58,491

Catholic news on Twitter

Twitter ( has been called a "micro-blogging" tool, allowing users to send 140-character updates to those who choose to "follow" them. Here are five Twitterers to follow for Catholic news and commentary.

America Magazine (@americamag)

American Papist (@americanpapist)

OSV Daily Take (@johnnortonosv)

USCCB media office (@usccbmedia)

Catholic News Service (@catholicnewssvc)

Hot Catholic blogs

Of the hundreds of Catholic web logs, better known as blogs, a few stand out. Here are some of the most popular Catholic blogs.

CNS Blog: Catholic News Service offers links to interesting stories at

Catholic and Enjoying It: Mark Shea comments on a multitude of topics at

Conversion Diary: Atheist turned Catholic mother chronicles faith journey at

Via Media: Amy Welborn mixes personal reflection with incisive commentary at

What Does the Prayer Really Say?: Father John Zulsdorf provides "slavishly accurate" liturgical translations at

There's a Catholic app for that...

A list of popular applications for your iPhone


If you want to pray and listen to the Liturgy of the Hours, but you've left your breviary at home...

iPocket Bible

If you want to read Scripture passages or make a quick reference to the Bible...


If you haven't been to confession in a while and need help with the examination of conscience...

Mass Times

If you're traveling and in a hurry to find the nearest Catholic church for Mass...


If you want to pray the Rosary and need a listing of the Mysteries...

Patron Saints and Candles

If you have a patron saint that you turn to in times of need and want to light a candle to him...


If you're looking for the liturgical calendar, order of the Mass, Scripture verses or prayers...

Catholic Celebrations

If you're wondering when a particular feast day takes place...


If you can't seem to remember which pope followed which...

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