Mass Readings: Jeremiah 28:1-17/Matthew 14:22-36

A Priest’s Priest

I’ve known a great many priests in my day and I often hear older priests say there aren’t as many priests who are “characters” any more. They mean those eccentric types who always made life, shall we say, “interesting.”

One could well say the French priest, St. John Vianney (1786-1859), was a “character.” In the seminary he was considered “too slow.” When he was assigned to his first parish, he got lost in the countryside. He gave numerous sermons denouncing dancing. He spent 14 or 16 hours per day in the confessional. Four times he ran away from his parish life, hoping to become a monk. But through it all, his piety and devotion made up for his eccentricities of character. We should do so well.

Prayer: God, we ask You to bless our priests in their loving, healing ministries.