Mass Readings: 1 Kings 19:19-21/Matthew 5:33-37

Discipleship Requires Commitment

Unfortunately, commitment is a virtue in rare supply in today’s world. Rather than commitment, we seem to center on the disposability of everything, including people, ideals, values, and even God. Both of our readings today talk about commitment. Elisha was initially hesitant to follow the prophet Elijah unreservedly, but he eventually got the message and became his successor. Jesus says very clearly one must be definitive in action: say yes or no.

Contemporary society doesn’t value commitment; it even seems to presume that one can no longer be committed. However, the Scriptures tell us it is possible. Let’s consider our need to recommit to the people, values, and institutions of our life, not counting the cost. Let’s recommit ourselves to Christ and the Christian life today.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, help me to always live as Your disciple.