Mass Readings: 2:14,22-23/1 Peter 1:17-21/Luke 24:13-35

On the Road

Dorothy Day ministered in the slums of New York to people suffering from addictions, mental illnesses, homelessness, and despair. She tried to see Christ in each person, but often He wore “a distressing disguise.” Why didn’t the disciples in today’s Gospel recognize Jesus on the road to Emmaus? Their eyes weren’t open until later during the breaking of the bread.

I can be like them. Christ in the Eucharist? Yes. Christ in other places? That’s tougher because often He wears a disguise that isn’t lovely. It can be especially so on today’s highways. The disciples missed Jesus on the road. We can be equally blind today: the tail-gaiter; the speeder; the driver who cuts us off. Instead of responding with anger, let’s respond with love and forbearance. Easy to say, hard to do.

Prayer: Jesus, give me eyes to recognize You, even when You’re in a distressing disguise.