Mass Readings: Daniel 9:4b-10/Luke 6:36-38


St. Patrick was born in England. St. Anthony of Padua wasn’t Italian; he was Portuguese. America’s “first saint” — Mother Cabrini — was born and raised in Italy. And the recently-canonized “Hawaiian” saint — Damien of Molokai — was Flemish. I suspect they all spoke their second language with a bit of an accent. Or, when first beginning their ministry in a new land, with a thick one. I’m sure they deeply loved the people God had called them to serve.

In parishes around here it’s becoming more common to have priests whose roots are in Africa or Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. They, too, sometimes have heavy accents that can make it challenging for us native-born to understand their words. No doubt, like all missionaries, they deeply appreciate a word of welcome, in any language.

Prayer: Thank You, Dear Lord, for those who have answered Your call to serve in a land that’s foreign to them.