Encounter again, or for the first time, Jesus Christ who lives

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, May 2017 – Deacon Keith Strohm of the Archdiocese of Chicago and former Director of the Office for the New Evangelization in Chicago, draws on his experience in creating evangelization and formation programs to invite readers to do more than simply read about Jesus Christ. Jesus: The Story You Thought You Knew (Our Sunday Visitor, 2017) is an invitation to have a transformative encounter with Jesus. In this book you will experience God’s love and mercy and discover the peace, fulfillment and joy that are found only in Jesus Christ.

Deacon Strohm’s readable narrative unfolds the Great Story of Jesus in a way that jostles readers’ expectations. Jesus: The Story You Thought You Knew is not a book on theology. It is a book about God’s love for us, demonstrated through the life and death of his beloved Son. Each chapter “breaks open” a part of the story of Jesus, creating an opportunity for healing and transformation through an in-depth experience of Jesus’ own journey and shared humanity. This is an interactive book that calls for an open heart … and a response. In Deacon Strohm’s words: “What the Lord desires to pour into your life as you encounter his story may be something entirely new for you. Take nothing for the journey. Leave behind all expectations so that you can receive precisely what he wants to give.” Readers are called to “approach with intentionality and the willingness to be present” on this great encounter with Christ. To help that intentionality, each chapter provides suggestions for further reflection and prayer.

Deacon Strohm reminds readers that Jesus’ story is the story of salvation—a radical, life-saving Gospel that brings both freedom and fulfillment that should be shared with the world.