Every Parent's Battle

Winning the Battle Against Pornography — as a Family

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, April 10, 2017 – Dan S. Spencer III, father and board member of the annual Men of Valor anti-pornography conference, takes an honest look at the serious and pervasive issue of pornography in our tech-savvy and sex-obsessed culture — and gives families practical tools and strategies to combat it.

In this important resource, Every Parent’s Battle: A Family Guide to Resisting Pornography (Our Sunday Visitor, 2017), Spencer writes for parents as a parent, speaking frankly about a disturbing topic that many would rather avoid, even with their children at risk to its dangers. He explains what parents are “up against”: the growing problem of pornography, especially its degrading effects on human sexuality, gender, and relationships, and its opposition to Catholic teaching.

Next, Spencer describes effective strategies for parents, using the bonds of family life to resist pornography. He refers to Dr. Todd Bowman’s SYNAPTIC Sexuality Model, which incorporates biblical and scientific literature to help parents “build and maintain sexual virtues in their children” through structure, emotional and physical awareness, intentionality, and connection. Spencer discusses the need for “full-scope leadership” and establishing family vision and mission statements to guide the whole family. Along with instilling in children virtues outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Church teachings on human sexuality, parents are encouraged to set clear expectations, including internet, media, and smart-phone use boundaries and behavior, with the understanding that setting boundaries leads to real freedom in accordance with God’s will.

Spencer includes practical resources to help parents enact strategies — personal reflections, group discussion points, and action steps throughout the book as well as a blueprint for action that includes advice, tips, and checklists covering six stages (pregnancy through teenage years), an online accountability checklist, and a sample purity pledge.

Every Parent’s Battle may be one of the most important parenting books of our times. As uncomfortable as it makes us, we cannot deny the truth that the prevalence of pornography in our culture threatens to destroy our families and infect our children’s souls. In this book, however, Dan Spencer offers more than just the hard-hitting truth. Spencer offers hope, encouragement, and the practical tools every parent needs to wage war against the destructive force of pornography. Do not despair! We may be called to battle, but there is hope for triumph over the evils of pornography, and this book is a powerful weapon every parent needs.” — Danielle Bean, publisher of Catholic Digest