Angels of the Lord

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Getting to know the mighty messengers of God

 – His angels

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, November 15, 2016 – Though God has commissioned angels and archangels with the sacred task of assisting, guiding and helping mankind and all of His creation, many Christians erroneously perceive them as benign imitations of people. As the greatest of God’s creatures, angels are eminently powerful beings made before the world – with intelligence second only to God’s. As messengers sent directly by God, angels communicate the will of God and reveal God’s awesome care and mindfulness of people’s very human concerns.

“Because angels are very real and constant companions, they are our invisible but trustworthy mentors,” say the co-authors of the new daily devotional, Angels of the Lord: 365 Reflections on Our Heavenly Guardians (by Catherine Odell & Margaret Savitskas), published by Our Sunday Visitor. “We designed this book so that week by week, these amazing heavenly helpers will coax readers closer to God, to prayer and to the sure realization of God’s boundless love” for everyone.

For each day throughout the year, Angels of the Lord will fascinate and inspire with:

  • scripture passages and Church teachings on angels;
  • stories of early martyrs who received courage and consolation from angels;
  • readings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who shaped teaching about angels;
  • anecdotes about saints who saw and spoke with angels;
  • accounts of ordinary people who had encounters with angels;
  • testimonies of great writers, artists and musicians and their inspiration from angels.

Conscious interaction with, and knowledge of the angels can inspire a person’s reflections and prayers, say Odell and Savitskas. “Awareness of their constancy, their orientation to God above everything else, can impact the way one sees his life and journey toward God.” 

An ideal Christmas gift, Angels of the Lord opens readers’ minds and hearts to the existence of angels everywhere. Throughout scripture, there are hundreds of references to angels’ role in salvation history. God Himself has assured mankind in Exodus 23: 20-21, when He said, “See, I am sending my angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared. Be attentive to him.” And since every person has an angel-guardian, the faithful are encouraged to befriend and communicate with their angels as personal partners in helping navigate life’s journey.

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Catherine Odell is a writer and editor whose primary professional experience has been in the religious press. Odell was born, raised and educated in the shadow of Notre Dame. She is author of three books for children and nine for adults, including OSV’s Those Who Saw Her: Apparitions of Mary; Faustina: Apostle of Divine Mercy; Solanus Casey: The Story of Father Solanus; and Praying the Rosary for Intercession. Odell has taught elementary and junior-high levels, and is married with two grown children.

Margaret Savitskas’ interest in angels and saints began when she was a child and discovered The Lives of the Saints in her grandmother’s bedroom. From those early glimpses into heavenly personages, to her subsequent master’s degree work in theology, today she writes religion textbooks and teacher guides, and a variety of children’s books and resources for Catholic students, teachers and parents. She served as a parish director of catechesis and sacrament formation for many years, and her ongoing love of saints and angels has continued to enrich and guide her life.


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