How to Do Apologetics:  Making the Case for Our Faith

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, September 8, 2016 – Defending Catholic truth is tougher than ever, but critically imperative.  Seismic cultural shifts and rampant attacks on religious liberty place today’s Christians, particularly Catholics, in the hot seat:  they must substantiate their beliefs – even in God – when their convictions are probed, lampooned, even overturned.   Friendships, stature, and family relationships can be at stake.  But behind it all, God is inquiring:  Who do you say that I am?

Patrick Madrid, one of the most respected names in Catholic evangelization, presents a revolutionary toolkit-in-a-book for clarifying the Church’s enduring teaching and truth, How to Do Apologetics:  Making the Case for Our Faith (Our Sunday Visitor, 2016). 

“When Catholic belief is called into question by atheists, doubters, and those of other faiths, there’s a successful approach for giving reasons for why we believe and live what we do,” says Madrid.  Everyone, he says, no matter what they believe, grapples with the Big Three questions of their existence: “Why am I here?”, “What is the purpose of my life?”, and “What happens to me when I die?”. 

In short, they want truth.

Even Pontius Pilate, mired in concerns of human respect and political correctness, couldn’t recognize Truth Himself – the Savior – standing right before him.  Pilate’s infamous retort to Christ, upon saying He came to bear witness to the truth, was, “Truth? What is truth?”

‘Apologetics’ is a practical way of using logic and facts to help others look beyond trends, opinions, and blind spots to see truth in all its beauty, simplicity, and unchangeableness.  It offers those who will listen rational explanations and defense of truth, the highest being existence of God and his established teachings in Catholicism.

How to Do Apologetics shows readers why – and how – the faithful can demonstrate confidently that Catholic teaching is reasonable, consistent, and compelling.  It lays out Madrid’s own successful method for doing this:

  • Using logic, arguments, and evidence to authenticate the truth;
  • Engaging with atheists, moral relativists, and non-Christians;
  • Putting forth advice and examples suited to Protestants, as well as lukewarm or inactive Catholics;
  • Responding graciously and convincingly to harsh opponents;
  • Making a compelling case for God, Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church;
  • Advance-preparing for the vital job of apologetics;
  • Accessing effective resources and knowing key apologetics terms.

“Knowing how to explain and defend Catholic truth…is something every Catholic should be ready to do,” says Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado Springs.  “This book is a must-read for any Catholic who takes the faith seriously and wants to be prepared to share it with others.”

Catholic Answers’ Director of Apologetics and Evangelization, Tim Staples, says, “Madrid masterfully provides a one-stop-shop for how to do the work of communicating the answers found in Catholicism.”

“This is a practical guide, filled with illustrations of real-life apologetics encounters Patrick Madrid has had over the years. It’s as enjoyable to read as it is immensely helpful,” says Kenneth Hensley, co-author of The Godless Delusion and professor of scripture at St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, California.

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Patrick Madrid hosts the popular “Patrick Madrid Show” weekdays, produced and distributed by Immaculate Heart Radio. He is a prolific writer and editor, with 24 books and numerous articles on Scripture, Church history, patristics, apologetics, and evangelization. He likewise teaches apologetics as a professor of theology on the faculty of Holy Apostles College and Seminary (Cromwell, CT).


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