A Second Look: Encountering the True Jesus HUNTINGTON, Indiana, April 4, 2016 – Like folks today, many biblical characters didn’t recognize Christ, though He was right in their midst. In these days following the Resurrection, mankind still encounters Christ regularly yet fails to distinguish Him and His radical calling.

It’s true….Jesus seems to have many “disguises”.

Mary Magdalene didn’t recognize Him at the Resurrection until He called her by name. The disciples on the road to Emmaus didn’t discern the Risen Lord until he broke bread with them. And the reticent Samaritan woman at the well didn’t know that the Jewish man asking for a drink actually represented much-needed living water for her salvation.

In a new chronicling of scriptural examples of Christ’s challenges and invitations to people, readers can draw modern-day parallels to bible stories about those from all walks of life and their life-changing encounters with Jesus. They didn’t always know Who was engaging them, but the encounters left them renewed – through realizing their sins, the power of hope, His affirmation of their worth or vocation, or simply, God’s incarnate Presence and Truth amid the deceptions of the day.

A Second Look: Encountering the True Jesus (Our Sunday Visitor, 2016), by bestselling author and speaker, Mark Hart of Life Teen International, reintroduces contemporary faithful to biblical persons and saints whose circumstances and perspectives are much like their own. Amid the stresses and busyness of the modern day, it’s easy for a relationship with Christ to grow common or secondary, he says. Hart invites believers to take ‘a second look’ at the God who not only knows each by name, but calls each to look into His eyes, yet again. By re-encountering Christ and His message in the scripture-themed chapters of the book, readers’ hearts and perspective on the real Christ can be re-made. 

Through A Second Look, Hart shows that biblical scenarios aren’t just interesting stories, but each one represents a facet of Christ’s invitation to people of all centuries, and as applicable in each stage of their lives. Hart includes his own real-life reflections, as well as thought-provoking questions and self-assessment for readers.

“Relationships – such as ours with Christ – require effort,” says Hart. “Plenty of people know ‘about’ Jesus, but fewer and fewer seem to truly know Him. Bibles go unread and prayers unsaid,” he adds.  “Christ came to save us….but we need to let Him, by also doing our part in developing a relationship with Him, wherein we know Him, we learn about and talk with Him, and we serve Him. Only then will our eyes be truly opened.”

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Mark Hart is an award-winning and bestselling author, internationally known Catholic speaker and radio host, and serves as Executive Vice President for Life Teen International. A veteran in youth ministry, Mark’s multi-media resources have helped millions draw closer to Christ and His Church. 


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