Scripture: God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics HUNTINGTON, Indiana, July 29, 2014 – After over 30 years of teaching Catholics the art of lectio divina (the ancient practice of prayerful Scripture reading), popular author and speaker Stephen Binz made a startling discovery. Regular Bible study didn’t just transform readers’ own faith lives, it moved them to share their transformation with others.

This is the essence of evangelization, and the focus of Binz’s new book, Scripture – God’s Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics (2014, Our Sunday Visitor). “When we are fully convinced that the same Spirit who inspired Scripture also works within us as we read,” stated Binz, “we trust that God is going to renew us from within and empower us as missionaries.”

The book examines how Catholics are recovering the missionary dimension of their faith, how evangelization is at the heart of sacred Scripture, and how the Church and the world can be renewed through Scripture. Binz was inspired by Pope Saint John Paul II, as well as by Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict, and in the book, he shows the connection between their collective call for a New Evangelization and learning Scripture as the powerful basis for succeeding in this outreach.

“This is an important book. Stephen Binz knows that we can't convert the world until we've been converted ourselves. It's not just a matter of Church membership. We need to be shaped by the Word of God. So he teaches us to hear the Word, trust it, understand it, and be transformed by it. Only then can we share it with others and reach them effectively. He also shows us how this process worked in the lives of the saints, and how it can make us saints too. Evangelization is part of the mission of God's people in the Old Testament and the New. It's your mission and mine. It begins now — and finds a very good beginning in these pages.” Scott Hahn, President of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

“Catholics seeking confidence and the skills to be effective witnesses to the Gospel will find Scripture — God's Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics a welcome and inspiring tool for reading the Gospel with the mind of the Church and learning how to listen, reflect and respond to God's Word. This book is tailor-made for those who are looking for a way to accept the challenge of the New Evangelization.” + Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington


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About the author

Stephen J. Binz is a Catholic biblical scholar, who has written over thirty books in biblical theology, commentary, and spirituality. These include Conversing with God in Scripture, the Threshold Bible Study series and the Lectio Divina Bible Study series. He is also a popular speaker, addressing audiences at national and regional conferences. He has served as the director of the Little Rock Scripture Study and as editor-in-chief of God’s Word Today magazine.