Lectio Divina Bible Study: Learning to Pray in Scripture

Praying with the Bible’s Great Prayers

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, In an exceptional combination of one of the most ancient forms of Scripture study with historical, theological, and scriptural perspectives, Stephen Binz leads us on an incredible journey of enlightenment and appreciation in the areas of prayer, sacraments, and the Mass.

In Lectio Divina Bible Study: Learning to Pray in Scripture, Binz shows us how various characters in the Bible prayed and what they can teach us about prayer.  This volume also delves into the various types of prayer and what we can learn from them.

Lectio Divina, the ancient practice of Scripture immersion, is at the heart of this process. Combined with the tradition and scholarship of the Church, it explores complex topics with sequential steps of study, meditation, and internalization. Specifically, every chapter leads you forward through a sequence of:

  • Listening — Reading Scripture with expectancy, trusting that God will speak His Word to us through it
  • Understanding — Seeking to comprehend the meaning of the text, encountering God there and being changed by that encounter
  • Reflecting — Linking the truth of the Scriptures to the experience of faith in the world in which we live
  • Praying — A dialogue with God: we listen to God, then we respond in prayer
  • Acting — After prayerfully listening to God through a passage of Scripture, we should be inspired to make a difference in the way we live

The Lectio Divina Bible Study series is suitable for parish, small group, or individual use.


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About the Author

Stephen J. Binz is a Catholic Scripture scholar, a popular speaker, and the author of more than thirty books on biblical theology, commentary, and spirituality. His books include Conversing with God in Scripture and Introduction to the Bible. He and his wife live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.