Choosing Joy: The Secret to Living a Fully Christian Life

New book opens a serious discussion about joy

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, December 17, 2012 – In the new book Choosing Joy: The Secret to Living a Fully Christian Life (Our Sunday Visitor 2012), author Dan Lord opens what he calls “a serious discussion about an ecstatic topic,” Christian joy.

That is the paradox Dan presents in personal stories as well as the stories of others who experienced a transformation that allowed them to experience joy despite challenging circumstances. Worry, anxiety, pain, suffering, and the daily grind, explains Lord, can block one’s path to joy.

In one story a young widow with chronic leg and knee pain took on the difficult physical task of reviving a neglected chapel courtyard garden. In another, a fatherless and destitute boy from the slums of Atlanta grew up to become the spiritual leader of his own family. Lord also reveals his own personal struggles and challenges that prevented him from experiencing joy.

Lord takes on many difficult objections that are frequently raised in discussions about joy. How can one be joyful in the face of suffering, war, or a medical emergency? Why bother praying when bad things happen anyway? What if I am uncomfortable with the whole idea of “joy”? For each question Lord offers practical, down-to-earth answers that clearly explain the difference between “putting on a happy face” and true Christian joy.

Choosing Joy outlines what joy is and isn’t, four obstacles to experiencing it, and how to put the ideas into day-to-day practice. This book will appeal to readers looking for fresh Catholic perspective in the New Year.


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About the Author

Dan Lord is the former singer and co-songwriter for the indie rock band, Pain. He currently teaches theology, writes for various publications, and is the editor for Catholic Exchange. He lives with his wife and children in South Carolina. He blogs at