Holy Crocodile! Stories of Saints and the Animals Who Helped

Lively artwork brings saint stories to life for kids

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, April 2, 2013 –With dynamic author-illustrations accompanying colorful stories, Holy Crocodile: Stories of Saints and the Animals Who Helped Them (Our Sunday Visitor, 2013) introduces children to the miraculous intervention of animals in the lives of saints.

Caroline Cory, the author-illustrator, is a lifelong animal lover. As a child she treasured legends of the saints, as well as Bible stories that included animals. So as an adult she compiled stories of saints involving divine help from animals. Many of the book’s illustrations and drawn from her original paintings, which are showcased on her Facebook fan page.

Holy Crocodile’s 20 tales include the title story of St. Pachome and the crocodile who carried him through crocodile-infested waters when he needed to cross a river.

Other saints and their helper-animals include St. Colman and the mouse, St. Brigid and the fox, St. Cuthbert and the sea otters, St. Felix and the spiders, and more.

Cory’s illustrations give this hardcover book a unique, artful feel. It is a wonderful way to introduce children, especially those ages 3 – 7, to the inspirational lives of the saints. 


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