Running Hard, Finishing Strong: 7 Steps to Building Momentum

How ‘connecting life’s dots’ maximizes potential and purpose

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, June 17, 2013 – Teaching people to focus not just on who they are and where they’ve been, but what they want out of life is the objective of a new guide to building spiritual momentum to optimize life-purpose. 

Nationally known life-purpose author and speaker, Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D., crafts more than a typical self-help book full of promises.  In his new Running Hard, Finishing Strong: 7 Steps to Building Momentum in Your Spiritual Life (Our Sunday Visitor, 2013), Sarkisian offers readers “a proven formula for breaking free from what’s holding them back, so they can venture forward with confidence into a life of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.”

Sarkisian developed what he calls the LifeWork Laws of Momentum, seven “laws” he has used himself, and which have succeeded with his clients and colleagues.  

  • Shift their perspective to see the connections in their lives;
  • Move forward with hope, optimism, and perseverance;
  • Gain traction in seeking truth – and acquiring wisdom;
  • Accelerate an exit from their comfort zone – to uncover true purpose;
  • Propel themselves fully into the lives they touch, for greater inner satisfaction;
  • Expose their heart to real perspective and passion – even when risking vulnerability and pain;
  • Cross the finish line fully transformed – able to convey love and ‘infect’ others with their attitude as never before.

Each chapter in Running Hard, Finishing Strong provides the details of its Law of Momentum, along with a worksheet, self-evaluation questions, and specifics for how to put the “law” into optimal practice.

How did Sarkisian gain his perspective on getting people motivated and keeping them on track until they finish?  Having spent over three decades as a vocational rehabilitation consultant, he has worked with thousands of men, women, and children who have suffered a wide range of traumatic injuries.

“I’ve learned that people instinctively know there’s “something more” to life than just physical existence,” says Sarkisian. “We sense that life is more than a series of random, disconnected events. There is a vacuum in each of us — a hole that needs filling — accompanied by a voice that whispers things like ‘Get help.’ ‘Find some answers you can sink your teeth into.’ ‘Do something about your life.’ ‘Lose weight.’ ‘Be happier.’”

But life’s common distractions and discouragements often keep people from sticking to their plan, he says.  “They lose their resolve to do this or that, or think it’s too hard, too unattainable, too frustrating.’” And because most people don’t finish what they start, he says, they don’t ever realize what’s truly in store for them.  His book is meant to help them through all that, so its processes become as natural as breathing, eating and sleeping. “Once they jump onto that road of momentum, they’ll persevere and reach their destiny,” he says.


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About the Author

Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D. is a nationally-known life-purpose author, conference speaker, and video producer who has helped thousands of people seek and understand their purpose in life. He writes for a variety of Christian publications, has published a number of books, and is a frequent guest on national radio and television shows.

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Rick founded Valley Rehabilitation Services in 1976, which specializes in vocational services for the disabled.  In 1997, he established LifeWork Press to provide resources that contribute to the discovery of God’s call to one’s personal vocation or mission.  He earned his B.S. and M.B.A. in Business Administration from California State University – Fresno, and M.A. and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley.