Scripture Scholar, Author, Reconciler

Paulist Father Lawrence Boadt, born in Los Angeles, Calif., in 1942, ordained in 1969, used his knowledge of the Old Testament to assist in educating Catholics in the Scriptures and in improving among Catholics an understanding of Judaism and of Jews. 

He urged Catholics to realize the richness of Jews’ biblical faith and to appreciate common religious themes in modern Judaism and Catholicism.  

Long associated with the Paulist Press, he taught for many years at the university level and wrote extensively. In 1999, he was the author of Why I Am a Priest: Thirty Success Stories. He died in 2010. 

Ministry in the Arizona Desert

Mill Hill Missionary Father Gregory Rice, originally from Denver, Colo., ordained in 1972, new director of Native American Ministry for the Phoenix diocese, has spent more than 30 years catechizing, teaching and serving people in the Arizona desert. 

He will establish his office in an Indian community to be near the people. In addition to his position with the Native American Ministry, he will be pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Bapchule, Ariz., and 11 mission churches. 

He came to the priesthood after serving in the military. Assigned to Pakistan, he met a Pakistani bishop and developed an interest in being a priest. 

Hyde Park Guest

The film, “Hyde Park on the Hudson,” is about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family home north of New York City where the President received his special guests. Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, Vatican Secretary of State, later Pope Pius XII, was a guest there in 1936. 

Fifty Years Ago

In April 1963, The Priest published an article about ecumenical cooperation among U.S. Navy chaplains on ships at sea. Another article called the Patristic writings an intellectual and spiritual treasure. The trend toward tithing among Catholics was discussed in an article. 

‘Go in Peace’

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church.” — Matthew 16:18