Last Things for March 2014

Born in Baltimore, Md., in 1918, solemnly professed at St. Vincent Archabbey, Pa., in 1943, and ordained in 1945, Benedictine Father Godfrey F. Burkhardt was an expert in that part of Church life that has been important since apostolic times, the management of funds and resources.

Holding the degree of master of business administration, he was the second Catholic priest in American history to be credentialed as a certified public accountant. Long involved in his own monastery’s finances, he taught business and wrote extensively about Church financial operations. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants honored him. He died in 2004.

‘Cursillo,’ Computers and Priesthood

On June 21, 2013, Father Joseph Fleming was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Helena. Asked about his vocation by the Montana Catholic, the diocesan newspaper, he mentioned two factors that had been important in his choosing to be a priest. With a degree in computer technology from Montana State University and a graduate degree in business administration from the University of Montana, he said making a Cursillo “reinvigorated” his Catholic faith and led him to consider the priesthood. A great help during his days at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon was the support from people back in his diocese.

On the Crown

Once on Ash Wednesday blessed ashes were imposed on the crown of a cleric’s head rather than his forehead to note the tonsure.

Fifty Years Ago

In March 1964, The Priest’s editorial defended Pope Pius XII by refuting the allegations against him put forward in the Broadway play, “The Deputy.” An article looked at the theology of limbus puerorum, or limbo. Another article stated that ignorance about the Catholic Church breeds prejudice against the Church. An Arizona electronics provider advertised hearing aids for confessionals.

‘Go in Peace’

Be merciful, Lord. We are sinners.