Anointing of the Sick Witnessing the ecclesial dimension of this sacrament

Boon or Bane? Are parish pastoral councils helpful?

Churches and Cathedrals Churches ‘synthesize the influences of doctrine, politics, geography, technology’

Last Things for June 2013 Cause begun for Latin American Missionary.

Post-Abortion Healing

Post-Abortion Healing Four insights from this important ministry

Catholics in America

Catholics in America Many have been lost in the stream of American secular culture

Obesity Among the Clergy

Obesity Among the Clergy Physical well-being also a priority

Christ’s Law of Love

Christ’s Law of Love Homily Background for Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C.

New Roman Missal or Personal Piety

New Roman Missal or Personal Piety The Mass should fire our faith and pulsate our piety.

American Church

American Church In a twinkling, the Church in America was ‘shorn of the cultural supports that had ...