Mass Readings: Exodus 32:7–14/John 5:31–47

Black Coffee

Have you given up something for Lent? We’re much more than halfway through the season, so unlimited amounts of chocolate are in your near future (as long as you avoid the sin of gluttony). For many years now, I’ve given up cream and sugar in my coffee for Lent. I’ve never liked black coffee, but give up the additives so I can continue to feed my caffeine addiction and suffer at the same time. (Strange Catholic reasoning, I admit.) The taste of black coffee is for me the taste of Lent.

But Sundays are different. Then we celebrate the Resurrection, even in the midst of Lent. The Crucifixion leads to, is even necessary for, the Resurrection. So next Sunday, enjoy a piece of chocolate, as I will enjoy doctored coffee, to anticipate the Easter joy.

Prayer: In the midst of Lent, Christ Jesus, let us also rejoice in Your Resurrection.