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March 2011

Bishop St. John Neumann Born 200 years ago on March 28

Claiming Your Pulpit for Spiritual Leadership — Part I Priests have as their primary duty the proclamation of the Gospel of God to all.

Extension of Bush Tax Cuts: Most Priests Will Benefit

Extension of Bush Tax Cuts: Most Priests Will Benefit The reduction in the tax rate does not equate to a reduction in future Social Security ...

Ignore Mary, Lose Perspective Blessed Mother essential in the Incarnation

Last Things for March 2011

Talks with Monks and a Little Faith Book Reviews

Vocations from the Christian Middle East Silver lining in otherwise dark clouds


Weddings The Sacred Side — Part 2

The Invitation

The Invitation Homily Background for Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion - Year A.

Back to Our Roots

Back to Our Roots John Paul II: ‘Deacons Are Configured to Christ the Servant’ — Part Two

Married Priests

Married Priests A group of priests who need our understanding and support

No Reason to Fear

No Reason to Fear Homily Background for Easter Sunday: The Resurrection of the Lord - Year A.

Taking Inventory of Who We Are In God’s Eyes We don't want to face and take responsibility for all the shadow stuff within our hearts.

In the Light of Jesus

In the Light of Jesus Homily Background for Fourth Sunday of Lent - Year A.

The Way of the Cross In addition to finding the "right" words to pray, one must find the "right" Stations ...

What happens when it's time to change? Parishioners will need to know what is changing and what is not going to change

We Grieve With Hope

We Grieve With Hope Homily Background for Fifth Sunday of Lent - Year A.

An Evolution in Perceptions

An Evolution in Perceptions Catholic media swim upstream to address a culture that already rejects Catholic values

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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