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February 2011

Last Things for February 2011

Lay Oversight of Church Finances A new trusteeism or needed reform?

My Year for Priests A Review

Preaching Strategies Good homilies are usually crockpot not microwave

Preparing for Third Edition of the Roman Missal Book Reviews

Records Retention — Parish

Records Retention — Parish Some records are kept in perpetuity, others are to be kept for seven years or less.

Back to Our Roots

Back to Our Roots Pope John Paul II: ‘Deacons Are Configured to Christ the Servant’

Focus on Imitation

Focus on Imitation Homily Background for First Sunday of Lent - Year A.

From 'Sin' and 'Compulsion' to 'Crime' Trying to understand the crisis of the past 25 years

Servant Leadership and a Culture of Stewardship A conversion to stewardship and to servant leadership is the key to restoring religion ...

The Source of the Water

The Source of the Water Homily Background for Third Sunday of Lent - Year A.

Weddings, Part II, The Sacred Side

Weddings, Part II, The Sacred Side Examining the sacred side of weddings

What Do We Know About Religion? Not Very Much

What Do We Know About Religion? Not Very Much Pew Forum survey reveals some startling statistics concerning what Americans know and ...

Preparing the People of God for the New Roman Missal When the Church begins to use the revised translation of the Roman Missal, some of the ...

Put It Into Practice

Put It Into Practice Homily Background for Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A.

Voting Is Never a Purely Personal Matter

Listen and Respond

Listen and Respond Homily Background for Second Sunday of Lent - Year A.

My First Weekend

My First Weekend In the 1960s Father XYZ’s ‘problem’ was thought to be simple loss of inhibitions.

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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