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January 2010

Last Things for January 2010 Ecumenism Focus of Graymoor Priest

Ecumenism Is Good The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an international commemoration

Elusive Dozen (Tax Rules)

Elusive Dozen (Tax Rules) Rule 9: The IRS requires business expense documentation

Archbishop Dolan Faces the Grey Witch

Archbishop Dolan Faces the Grey Witch

Listen a Little Better

Listen a Little Better Homily Background for Second Sunday of Lent - Year C.

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions January 1 is a valuable cultural marker of new beginnings, new possibilities, new ...

St. Paul as Spiritual Director The Apostle to the Gentiles' spirituality

The Music Master Msgr. Francis P. Schmitt of Boys Town

The Richness of Faith Story of faith that explains the richness, the happiness and the great potential for ...

Northern Journeys Book Reviews

Preach What We Believe

Preach What We Believe The Bill of Rights also gives us every opportunity to speak our minds aloud

Thou Art God, and I'm Not

Thou Art God, and I'm Not Homily Background for First Sunday of Lent - Year C.

Love in Truth New encyclical unequivocally links social justice to fundamental life issues.

Comforting Those Who Mourn Priests are called to minister to their people and to lead them to healing.

Emotional Health is a Matter of Balance Respecting and taking care of our legitimate human needs is a value that can help ...

God's Culture

God's Culture Homily Background for Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C.

Let Go

Let Go Homily Background for Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C.

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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