Giving thanks for the fruits of the earth

Giving thanks for the fruits of the earth Prior to the 1960s, Ember and Rogation days were widely celebrated on the liturgical ...

Life Is God’s Beautiful Gift

Life Is God’s Beautiful Gift A new year — make greater effort to repent our sins

Smiling in the Trees

Smiling in the Trees Make time to appreciate and cherish creation in this digital world

Precepts of the Church

Precepts of the Church While not formal doctrine, the precepts are seen as the bare minimum Catholics must ...

A Woodland Revelation

A Woodland Revelation The Church is like a woodland trail that keeps us on the path toward God.

Image and Likeness?

Image and Likeness?

Finding God in nature

Finding God in nature Study that finds people turn to creation, not God, points to opportunities for ...

A Miniature World

A Miniature World Life is a marvelous mystery, belonging to God and given to us as its steward.

‘Things of the world’

‘Things of the world’ It’s not the natural beauty of creation, but temptations in our culture that Christ ...

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