A Blessing, A Challenge

A Blessing, A Challenge Original image of the priest is in Christ

The Challenges

The Challenges In the breaking of the bread in a postmodern era

Walking with the Migrants

Walking with the Migrants We need to establish an attitude of hospitality

Suffering Defined

Suffering Defined God uses suffering to accomplish His purposes in our lives

Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary Her virginity about holy self-giving and loving service

Eucharist Is a Mystery of Faith

Eucharist Is a Mystery of Faith Seeing beyond appearances

Christmas Is Calling

Christmas Is Calling Take time to wait, watch and prepare

The Synod on the Family

The Synod on the Family The Christian family as Domestic Church

Spiritual Co-journey

Spiritual Co-journey For the pilgrim and the companion

Brokenness: Conflict marks Church's history

Brokenness: Conflict marks Church's history Let us be on fire with the love of Christ for His Church

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