Priestly people

Priestly people In priesthood, God utilizes all a priest’s gifts and struggles, but docility to the ...

Confessional is a place of forgiveness, not threats, pope says

Confessional is a place of forgiveness, not threats, pope says

Accepting God’s Mercy

Accepting God’s Mercy To exude Christ’s tenderness, we must frequent confession

Forgotten sins

Forgotten sins The Church trusts God’s mercy in serving people, even those who are comatose or have ...

Caring for the Scrupulous

Caring for the Scrupulous As priests, we are called to have tender hearts to those obsessed with their sins

'Bless me, Father'

'Bless me, Father' While there are prescribed words to begin reconciliation, they seldom are heard in the ...

Confession of sins

Confession of sins We are to name and number our mortal sins during confession, which has its roots in ...

Refusing absolution

Refusing absolution While rare, a priest should deny absolution if he sees a lack of sorrow, willingness ...

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