Survey says: My kids don't get cellphones

Survey says: My kids don't get cellphones A recent poll shows 53 percent of 6-year-olds have phones, but not in our house

Proper Attire

Proper Attire

Modesty at Mass

Modesty at Mass Appropriate attire for the faithful at Mass is needed to respect the sanctity of the ...

Letters to the Editor for July 7, 2013 The IRS, secularism, missing Mass and more

Fashion choices should reflect dignity, beauty

Fashion choices should reflect dignity, beauty New Jersey junior high school dress ban garners negative feedback, draws attention to ...

First Communion or a fashion show? First Communion dresses have become high fashion for some families

The sexualization of girls

The sexualization of girls A new study confirms disturbing trend of children dressing and acting provocatively

New magazine promotes authentic beauty Four women have joined together to create Verily, a magazine that celebrates the ...

Teaching young girls what it means to be truly beautiful

Model turned modesty speaker is an advocate for women How to talk to youth and young children about modesty.

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