Extra books in Bible?

Extra books in Bible? During the Reformation, Martin Luther cut several Sacred Scriptures that backed Church ...

Bible Version

Bible Version

Why not He, Him?

Why not He, Him? When referring to persons of the Blessed Trinity, capitalizing pronouns is not a ...

Interpreting Jesus

Interpreting Jesus Wider context of Scripture and Tradition insists upon a literal interpretation of ...

Revisions of New American Bible set for March 9 release New translation, approved for private use, follows more closely ancient manuscripts ...

The Best Bible for You How should Catholics choose a Bible translation

A Beautifully Illuminated 21st-century Manuscript Book Reviews

All dogs go to heaven?

All dogs go to heaven? It's a fair possibility that our fluffy friends will join us once again in the great ...

Opening the Word: New audio Bible brings together Hollywood talent

Opening the Word: New audio Bible brings together Hollywood talent The listener is taken back to the words and sounds of the first century

Elijah's bread and ours Prophet was given strength for his journey, while we receive Jesus' own flesh and blood

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