Time in the tomb

Time in the tomb Nothing brings true refreshment and renewal from modern life like silent prayer spent ...

Pre-existing condition

Pre-existing condition As an eternal part of the Trinity, there has never been a time that the Son of God did ...

‘The Trinity’

‘The Trinity’ Andrei Rublev, Moscow — c. early 15th century

Trinity Sunday and the Fathers

Trinity Sunday and the Fathers Trinitarian relationships reflect aspects of Christian life

Equality of the Trinity

Equality of the Trinity While Jesus states God is ‘greater,’ it is only in the sense that the Father is the ...

The Father or Jesus?

The Father or Jesus?

Opening the Word: Mystery of the Trinity

Opening the Word: Mystery of the Trinity The perfect gift of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is ‘the central mystery of ...

The Spiritual Gifts Gifts from the Holy Spirit

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