The fall of nature

The fall of nature How is it fair that all of God’s creation suffered simply because of the original sin ...

Freed from original sin?

Freed from original sin?

Adam and Eve’s Knowledge?

Adam and Eve’s Knowledge?

‘Our exile’

‘Our exile’

Welcome home, miserable self-loathers: the first obstacle to joy

Welcome home, miserable self-loathers: the first obstacle to joy An excerpt from ‘Choosing Joy: The Secret to Living a Fully Christian Life’

Polygamy in the Bible

Polygamy in the Bible In the Old Testament, the mention of many wives does not mean that God approved of ...

Celebrating sacraments

Celebrating sacraments A parish church or oratory is the proper place for a celebration — especially in the ...

What Is Concupiscence? An inclination to sin is part of our nature

Key Issues The mysteries of life are what we need to address

Can laity anoint sick?

Can laity anoint sick? As 2008 Vatican letter makes clear, only a priest may anoint and only certain oils may ...

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