Fostering Authentic Love

Fostering Authentic Love Why is natural family planning important?

‘Amazing science’? New, less expensive IVF techniques lauded

‘Amazing science’? New, less expensive IVF techniques lauded

Growing Catholic faith through medical school On one secular Texas campus, a group of aspiring doctors are embracing Catholic faith ...

Top 10 reasons to use NFP Reasons to use natural family planning.

Discovering the many benefits of NFP Husband and wife saw improvements to health, faith life and love life after making the ...

Top 5 NFP Happenings Natural family planning

Why are there so many NFP methods? It can definitely seem overwhelming when you are first trying to decide on what method ...

NFP Know-How

NFP Know-How With apps, blogs and programmed alarm clocks, more and more Catholic women are ...

Do’s and don’ts of sharing NFP Sharing love of NFP with the world

Pastors preach against contraception from pulpit

Pastors preach against contraception from pulpit Through homilies, prayers and pamphlets, priests deliver message about beauty of ...

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