“Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!”

“Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!” In the otherwise fairly mediocre comedy movie “Bruce Almighty,” the main character has ...

A Vision of the Church’s Essence

A Vision of the Church’s Essence The list of Bernini’s achievements is a long one

Anarchy of childhood

Anarchy of childhood Baseball-loving grandfather laments over ways children’s games have changed in through ...

A flawed yet captivating caped crusader

A flawed yet captivating caped crusader ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Batman movie explores ideological purity and 50 shades of moral ...

A Glorious Night at the Movies

A Glorious Night at the Movies Compared with Mexico during the 1920s our problems seem small, but...

A must-see movie

A must-see movie ‘For Greater Glory’ shows the power of the human spirit and teaches an important ...

Artist creates ‘Christian Popsicles’

A good Catholic read

A good Catholic read Truly Catholic novels about truth and pilgrimage are hard to come by, but a new book ...

A New Generation’s View Among the ‘Mosaics’ and the ‘Busters,’ Christianity has an image problem

A Catholic examination of the invasion of zombies Walking dead are lurching into movies, TV shows and books. A look at why

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