“Lord, Have Mercy”

“Lord, Have Mercy” How is mercy portrayed in Scripture?

God’s True “Parable”

God’s True “Parable” The parables are a way, par excellence, to appreciate Jesus’ teaching style.

The Mind of the Lord

The Mind of the Lord What is the importance of the parables of Jesus?

God Reveals Himself

God Reveals Himself What is Dei Verbum’s relevant teaching?

“We Three Kings”

“We Three Kings” Who were the Magi?

The Bible Made Me Catholic!

The Bible Made Me Catholic! Five passages that stand out to me

Finding Mary

Finding Mary The Virgin Mary in the Old Testament

Images of Mary

Images of Mary Can we find the Blessed Mother in the Old Testament?

The Bible by the Numbers What is the meaning of the many numerals in Scripture?

The “Angry God” and the “Loving God”

The “Angry God” and the “Loving God” Can we reconcile how God is portrayed in the Old and New Testaments?

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