Not ashes, but flame

Not ashes, but flame If we let the rituals and rules of the Church keep us from emulating Christ, then ...

Incense overload?

Incense overload? Special considerations can be made for those who are sensitive to excessive incense at ...

Communion blessings

Communion blessings Conferral of blessings during Communion is a widespread problem requiring pastoral ...

Closing parish doors

Closing parish doors Laypeople — not bishops — ultimately determine the fate of parishes; it’s up to them ...

Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration What’s the story behind Eucharistic devotions outside of Mass?

Bishops examine relevance of exorcism today Actual cases of possession rare, but high number of requests require preparation, ...

The work of angels

The work of angels These heavenly creatures keep a watchful eye over humans and accompany us to the ...

The Catholic funeral

The Catholic funeral It is an occasion not for the bereaved to dwell on the person’s earthly life but hope ...

Celebrating the liturgy

Celebrating the liturgy Attention must not be given to personal tastes or theatrics, but to Christ’s ...

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