Seven reasons to love Thanksgiving ’Tis the season to be grateful and not grumpy and count the many blessings in our lives. These are just a few reasons why I enjoy this holiday. Please share why you love it in the comments. From myself and all of Our Sunday Visitor, I wish you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Turkey. So maybe this shouldn’t be No. 1, but the food on Thanksgiving is absolutely delicious, and that’s what came to mind when making this list. Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, my aunt’s crescent roles … yum! And, blessing of blessings: the leftovers. (Bear with me. It’s the small things in life.)
  2. Family. It seems like the older we get, the more we spread out. The holidays bring us back together in all our craziness, laughter and love. Now that I am living out of state from my family, the holidays have become even more meaningful.
  3. Eucharist. This should’ve been No. 1, as it is a seemingly small but beautiful tradition. My mom and I attend Thanksgiving Mass every year at the cluster Mass in my parents’ area. Eucharist means thanksgiving, and Christ’s passion, death and resurrection are the ultimate things to be thankful for. (It’s a pretty big deal.)
  4. Football. Both watching and playing, I am a pretty big fan. Every year, we watch the Lions face the Packers, and every year it becomes more and more of an actual game. Go Lions! Of course, we follow that up with a friendly (ahem!) game of not-quite-tackle-but-pretty-much-tackle football in the backyard.
  5. Advent. Thanksgiving means Advent is right around the corner, and the anticipation has been building. I have my booklet from my parish, a plan for my Scripture reading, an Advent playlist on Spotify and an Advent wreath waiting to be pulled out.
  6. Squanto. Because he’s pretty cool, being Catholic and all.
  7. Great content like this. (Hey, I work at OSV. I have to spread the love. And it’s pretty good besides.)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Rey is the web editor of Our Sunday Visitor Publishing.