“A law written by God”

“A law written by God” Conscience is one of those words that gets thrown around by people with surprising ...

How Can We Hear the

How Can We Hear the "Voice of God"? Blessed John Henry Newman and conscience

John Henry Newman Saintly scholar and scholarly saint

Duc in Altum: A pilgrim guide for converts

Sacramental records

Sacramental records Access to them varies depending on country, but technological advances may change that

In the Shadow of Tyburn Tree Who were the Martyrs of England and Wales?

Catholic evangelization

Catholic evangelization Spreading the Gospel involves not only preaching with words, but with actions

God's healing hand

God's healing hand In moments of despair, the best image we have is that of Jesus Christ on the cross

Newman's 'Lead, Kindly Light'

Newman's 'Lead, Kindly Light'


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