The Wrong Path

The Wrong Path When we sense that things are not right, we need to stop and look deeply into our ...

Deadly vs. mortal sins

Deadly vs. mortal sins

Mortal and Venial Sins?

Mortal and Venial Sins?

Pope Francis says go to confession, but why bother?

Pope Francis says go to confession, but why bother? Maybe the sacrament is kind of a big deal

Should we be afraid?

Should we be afraid? Though we are persons of free will, Jesus summons us to a moral life — and outlines ...

Letters to the Editor for May 26, 2013 Clergy sex abuse, Dorothy Day, mortal sins, and fracking

Mortal sins

Mortal sins Two sins may both be grave, but this does not imply equivalency between the two of them

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Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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