Opening the Word: Listen to him

Opening the Word: Listen to him We must climb the mountain of Calvary and give our whole selves in imitation of the ...

Divinity of Jesus

Divinity of Jesus Referencing his humanity, the Lord indicates that the Father is greater than him, but ...

“He Emptied Himself”

“He Emptied Himself” What does the self-emptying of Christ mean?

Sharing divine nature

Sharing divine nature While the Catechism quotes St. Athanasius saying ‘we might become God,’ it isn’t to be ...

Name Above All Names The month of January is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus.

The Incarnation (Part II)

The Incarnation (Part II) The mystery of how Jesus is God and man at the same time

Why the Transfiguration?

Why the Transfiguration?