All in God's time

All in God's time It’s not that God is very old but that God is eternal and therefore experiences all ...

Difficulties we encounter in prayer

Difficulties we encounter in prayer Our hang-ups can keep us from fully inviting God into our midst to transform our lives

Wrath of God in us

Wrath of God in us If we are not transformed by the Lord’s grace, then the presence of God will seem ...

Unchanging God

Unchanging God Everything is and always has been present to the Father, who does not experience time ...

Evil in the world

Evil in the world We wonder why people get away with so much evil, but God respects our freedom out of ...

When Did God Begin?

When Did God Begin?

The five thresholds of conversion

The five thresholds of conversion An excerpt from "Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus"

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